Ron Erickson – Winemaker, Chef and Instructor

Located at

Yankee Hill Winery
11755 Coarse Gold Lane
PO Box 330
Columbia, California 95310
3/4 Miles east of Columbia

Yankee Hill Winery and Cooking School is located in the Sierra Foothills in the historic gold rush town of Columbia, California   The winery is the oldest winery in the Sierra Foothills.  It is a small winery and a cooking school with Ron Erickson as the wine maker, cooking instructor and chef extraordinaire.  Our winery was started in 1970 and the cooking school was started in 1995.  The cooking school runs year round with scheduled classes almost every Saturday morning and group classes can be scheduled any day of the week.

The school offers a variety of cuisines.  The kitchen is well equipped and has large ovens for baking breads, pizzas and other wonderful savory and sweet items.  Each item selected to prepare normally contains no more than seven ingredients.  Natural ingredients are used and if you can’t purchase the ingredients at your local super market they will not part of the ingredients used.  The food is delicious and fun to cook.  After preparing the food in the class, the class is invited to partake of their creations and many times a side of wine is offered.  Ron also offers cooking classes for children.

The class size starts at 12 participants.  Private parties are welcomed.  Ron will schedule a private group class at your choice of time and selection of menu.  Just contact the school with your request and Ron will schedule your class.

Pricing for the classes are generally $40.00 per person.  Some classes may vary.

Quote from Ron, “In class we have more fun than one should be allowed to have.”